We are Heidi (sister) and Shannon (brother) Bond.
Sometimes we laugh at ourselves.

Entry One


SB: I didn’t like that as a name. I once worked with a Tess who was NOT nice. I don’t think she really had a chance though being named “Tess”. It’s like giving your son “Wayne” for a middle name. Don’t 80% of serial killers have Wayne as a middle name?

Welcome to our new page!

SB: It took me literally ten minutes to come up with that header, and now I’m taking a break.

Should we invite Mother & Father Bond to write as well?

SB: Mom would have to promise to not add 15 exlamation points to every sentence.

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  1. So I can’t be Heidi? It doesn’t matter if you invite mom and dad since there is 0 possibility they will ever figure it out.


  2. I’m so bored. Everyone went to bed and it’s so beautiful here. There were 2 deer on the lawn with tiny baby fawns so I went out and gave them some grapes and I’m pretty sure one hissed at me so I said hi but it raised its paw in an unfriendly way so…I’m not clear on how this is better than texting since I still don’t know when vacation is OH 7 million geese are on lawn I’m going to say hi


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