The Blue & Gold Folks

I had just drifted off, and began dreaming that I was in the front room of an unfamiliar but very warm and comfortable home.
There were very big floor to ceiling windows that looked onto the pathway to the front door. I sensed that someone was coming, along with a feeling of excited anticipation. These “people” would have a message for me.
A woman with straight brown hair in a ponytail led. She was followed by a brown-haired male – mediterranean looking – and both wore royal blue and gold robes. The male looked directly at me as the two entered the home. The woman I only saw briefly.
As the two entered, I began to almost float toward the front door to meet them. Then a problem. I was paralyzed. As they walked past me into the front room, I just floated right on by them. Couldn’t even turn my head. This made me just nervous enough, that when the woman said loudly, “Can I ask you a question?” I woke up.
I’m eagerly waiting for the Blue & Gold Folks to return. Maybe I’ll just try and sit down this time so I don’t float away.

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