Inside out

I searched and searched for signs and messages at my lowest points…show me God, show me that you’re real…just a little sign PLEASE!!! This doesn’t work! At all. In fact when you hysterically cry out to the Universe the world actually seems to go silent. In desperation you see nothing. Zero. It is in surrender […]


As I lay in my bed waiting for my house to wake I started thinking about the whirlwind that had become my spiritual journey… I have had struggles. Big ugly sinking into the center of the earth pain that seemed so otherworldly and suffocating. I would pray near constantly to God to take this pain, […]

Entry two

I have no idea what I’m doing…just generally but also on this page. I can’t breathe and I feel like I did when my Instagram comment got 1200 likes and I was famous and I had a hater…it’s ok though because she likes me now, but that was yesterday and everything is different now.