Agree to disagree….No.

“Agree to disagree” is reserved for things like “I don’t like cilantro” not racism and homophobia…not human rights. Not being a good human being. I mean a BASIC kind person with a soul.

I think the topic of racism is one that serves as an instant filter. If you disagree right now with the protesters (not the looters) if you disagree that Black people have been treated in an abhorrent manner and if you roll your eyes at me…well yuck and bye.

I hope we never go back to “normal” greedy, dishonest, self centered world treating some people like they matter and others like an afterthought. I will work to make sure this time is cemented into the mind of my child so she stays on this path forever helping to eliminate the hateful voices

I love my colorful world. I LOVE my family and friends who are worth more than every adjective can describe. I love using my voice to stand up for what’s right and good and I know there are way more people like me than the evil ones hiding behind ridiculous rhetoric.

I will support Black owned businesses, educate myself on the history you don’t hear about and educate my daughter so she can educate her children…check out

Being a hateful person is a fearful choice. Hate is weakness. It’s a character flaw.

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