HB: Dear God this took 20 minutes!

SB: I’m having wine now and I bought teeny tiny tortillas. I also bought parsley because I read once that it’s just about the best green for you. I didn’t read anything that followed that bit of information of course so I can’t answer any questions on it.

SB: Odd title

HB: Family vacation dates please..

SB: We are up in the north country August 21st through the 25th. I think. It’s either that or it’s plus or minus one or two days. You know I did text you all this.

SB: It only took 20 minutes because you messed up and so I win.

HB: Start writing!?!

SB: Start writing what? I did write!

HB: That was not a tutorial and cilantro is better. You want to swim tomorrow? You have to let go of your fear of the sun because it’s earth and summer. Did you know if you don’t like cilantro it’s because you’re toxic…it’s true.

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